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martedì 23 giugno 2009

The Unconscious Art of Demolition

Questo privato scoperto, questo mostrare un esistenza sparita, questo non voluto e casuale sguardo su le interiora private, ciò blocca lo sguardo e solo un guardare "estetico" ci salva. Una mattina a Toyota in Giappone sulla strada dal mio albergo al Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, dove lavoravo, enormi ruspe avevano abbattuto la facciata di alcuni edifici. Ricordo che insieme a tanti giapponesi siamo rimasti a guardare per lungo tempo questo osceno stupro di intimità. Adesso chi fotografa queste facciate fa Arte a conferma che l' "Arte" esiste anche per esorcizzare il Presente.

This private discovered, this show a vanished life, that is not wanted and random look at the innards private. This blocks the view and only a aesthetics-look saves us. One morning at Toyota in Japan on the road from my hotel at the Museum of Contemporary Art, where I worked, the horrible bulldozers had demolished the facade of some buildings. I remember that with so many Japanese are still looking for a long time this obscene rape of intimacy. Now who photograph these facades makes Art and confirming that the "Art" exists also for exorcize the Present.

4 commenti:

  1. buongiorno filippo, great shots of urban demolition... i like the shot of the toilets and sinks still hanging on the side of the building

  2. Hi Filippo, love the demolition photos, especially the colors in the third photo. Those would be wonderful on some pottery.

  3. Hi Filippo, I have been trying for several days to make a comment on your blog and I finally got it to work, bravo (maybe that's Spanish - I don't know).

  4. Correct Linda,Bravo is Italian. The novelty is that, in my garden this morning I picked the first sweet peppers to fry, a zucchini round variety Nice=Nizza and a nice eggplant (my father has sent to me the seeds from Sicily). Climate here in north Italy, this month, is perfect for plants, warm with a little moisture, evenings are cool. What we want more?


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