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Studio di ceramica-Pottery. After a long period of experimentation and testing at DOCKS POTTERY weʼd like to show our ceramic work. The works we produce come from the use of local red and white clay as well as semigres like the earth of Castellamonte. We make all our own glazes from formulae we found in an old ceramics manual, many of which we have modified after extensive testing and experimentation. All our glazes are lead free and contain no toxic substances. Docks Pottery via Valprato n°68 10155 Torino Italia

venerdì 12 giugno 2009

About World Food Garden was founded under the premise that many of the world's current issues- environmental, economic, and political, would be much alleviated if everyone in the world tended their own small garden. Gardening is a resource we all have the right to use to keep our minds, bodies and planet healthy.

Currently, the average meal in the US is shipped over 1500 miles before reaching the dinner plate, contributing to global warming via carbon emissions, and maintaining our unhealthy reliance on oil. This excess fuel consumption also increases international tensions.

We believe there is a simple solution, right in our own back yards (or windowsills) - Small Food Gardens. Sure, one window-box tomato plant won't change the world alone, but collectively, a world full of small food gardens could make a HUGE difference!'s mission is to make this simple solution visible and as easy as possible for the masses by using the internet to offer free planning tools, networking, and location specific information to gardeners across the land.

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