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Studio di ceramica-Pottery. After a long period of experimentation and testing at DOCKS POTTERY weʼd like to show our ceramic work. The works we produce come from the use of local red and white clay as well as semigres like the earth of Castellamonte. We make all our own glazes from formulae we found in an old ceramics manual, many of which we have modified after extensive testing and experimentation. All our glazes are lead free and contain no toxic substances. Docks Pottery via Valprato n°68 10155 Torino Italia

sabato 27 giugno 2009


Is atypical that an Italian he does not talk about pasta or pizza (I do not love soccer). Then pasta.
In late April along with the seeds that my father sent me from Sicily were the seeds of Cucuzza (lagenaria longissima) and now in my pots on the terrace The Cocuzza grew. So I cooked the pasta with tinnirumi of Cucuzza is a pasta of Sicilian cuisine, I was born in Termini Imerese - Palermo. Young leaves and apexes of Cucuzza I also dice the Cucuzza and cut into small pieces by hand spaghetti, tomato, garlic, basil, olive oil and parmigiano. Recipe

"Cucuzza Squash Drill Team" Associated Italian Farmers in California

P.S. For Jim a old Sicilian proverb

Crita= Clay

Cui zappa crita, arricogghi sita.= Whoever cultivates clay, harvests silk.

cultivate the clay-earth receives in return something very precious

7 commenti:

  1. Hi Filippo, never heard of cucuzza, but they look great. Your pottery at the bookstore look beautiful too, congratulattions.

  2. Your post totally made me hungry for spaghetti... Yumm-o !!!!

  3. Thank Linda. When I was a child in Sicily I hated the taste of Cucuzza, perhaps because my mother cooked (boiled with only olive oil)
    when we had stomach problems because it is very refreshing and purifying. But now I like cucuzza also to my two sons Ludovica and Tancredi.Given that you have a garden I try to send you the seeds of Cucuzza, if you want.

  4. filippo, grazie for the proverb, i'll commit it to memory. i like the shot of the italians in california marching with their squash. they look like loofah.

  5. Jim, Cucuzza belongs to the same family:Cucurbitaceae, but dfferent genre
    loofah sponge is genre Luffa
    Cucuzza is genre Lagenaria as the bottle squash.

  6. Your recipe sounds delicious! I've never had that kind of squash. And congrats on your pots at the bookstore!

  7. Thanks Judy, I send you the Cucuzza seeds if you want , climbs over the garden and makes a lot of shade in summer.


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