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Studio di ceramica-Pottery. After a long period of experimentation and testing at DOCKS POTTERY weʼd like to show our ceramic work. The works we produce come from the use of local red and white clay as well as semigres like the earth of Castellamonte. We make all our own glazes from formulae we found in an old ceramics manual, many of which we have modified after extensive testing and experimentation. All our glazes are lead free and contain no toxic substances. Docks Pottery via Valprato n°68 10155 Torino Italia

lunedì 20 luglio 2009

Egyptian dough

In my old manual "Ceramica Viva" of Nino Caruso, I'm trying to translate into English the chapter of Egyptian dough.
The Egyptian dough is a alkaline dough with vitrification to 920 - 940 ° C, is not very plastic but with the addition of Bentonite you can work at the wheel.
If any of you help me in the translation, I would be very happy
In anteprimale pictures of the chapter.

Islamic ceramics from the collection of MAO in Turin. The color turquoise is the alkaline glaze, the copper black oxide changes to turquoise-blue
P.S. in these hot nights

4 commenti:

  1. sorry i can't help out with translation... always loved those islamic designs and the form on the left with the long narrow neck that flares out at the top, beautiful. looks like you've been busy too, i particularly like the watering can piece and its handle

  2. I did it at college and it was a disaster it didn't work at all and I followed the steps very carefully. Good luck with it.

  3. Hi Filippo, I can't help with the translation. Is this the same as Egyptian paste? The turquoise colors are beautiful, so very rich.

    Your pots are very beautiful so smooth and the spouts seem so perfectly formed. Love the jars too the way the bottom blends gradually into the top, very nice.


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