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Studio di ceramica-Pottery. After a long period of experimentation and testing at DOCKS POTTERY weʼd like to show our ceramic work. The works we produce come from the use of local red and white clay as well as semigres like the earth of Castellamonte. We make all our own glazes from formulae we found in an old ceramics manual, many of which we have modified after extensive testing and experimentation. All our glazes are lead free and contain no toxic substances. Docks Pottery via Valprato n°68 10155 Torino Italia

sabato 4 luglio 2009

Another test, another experiment

In Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, with my company Attitudine Forma, we are preparing a permanent installation of the artist Reinhard Mucha, we are covering the wood panels with quartz colored with epoxide resin, 4 mm thick (see photo), the panels will part of the installation. This type of coating is used for paving.
The professional in resin floors told me about these granules of quartz, colored at high temperature with different iron oxides. So I thought to take some of the different colors of quartz (the grains have a diameter of 0.30 mm.) And test what happens if mixed with the white clay in various percentages. I made three bowls, one for each different color of quartz for those percentages 3-5 -6%, and my intention is to cover later with the transparent glaze in second fire. I will tell you what happens in a few days ( I hope).

However this experiment goes this Sunday we have a Super Crop,
and new guests, two canaries to the delight of Nilo and Lia our cats.

8 commenti:

  1. I have just found this blog, I don't know how, probably just following links. You have some really interesting things on here, I look forward to seeing how your test comes out, what temperature are you firing to?

  2. Fillipo - I have heard of this pigment in our home supply stores used to stain concrete for countertops or floors. I have wanted to try it. I'll be interested in how your tests turn out.

    Love the photo of the cat watching the birds -- and wish I lived close enough to visit for dinner -- those vegetables look delicious!

  3. Buongiorno Kitty, Thanks for visiting and your comment. When are dry the bowls I firing to 940 C°, the second firing with glaz to 980 C°. I will visit your blog soon .

  4. Nice veggies. Love eggplant:) I'm looking forward to seeing your experiment results.

  5. Can't wait to see your experiments with the bowls, what a great idea to try. Lovely veges.

  6. buongiorno filippo, looking forward to test results and would like to see how the permanent installation ends up looking too. would love some peppers and tomatoes.

  7. Ciao Linda,
    at this moment has arrived here a thunderstorm with hail big as olives, I hope that does not destroy all my pomodori, melenzane, peperoni zucchine ecc..
    Ciao Jim,
    the Mucha installation is composed of those panels who have seen, the pannels fill all the walls of a room of the museum, 4 meters high from the floor, color and material surfaces of the panels is equal to the floor done in 1982. The 40 panels will contain in the center photos, lamps and stained glass. (if you click on the name of Mucha in the post you will see some of his works). we are in the preparatory phase, the installation will be done in September, if all goes well.


  8. Ciao Cindy,
    I cooked eggplant yesterday,
    "eggplant=Melanzane alla parmigiana",
    maybe you know? if not, I'll send the recipe


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